Are you ruining your life?

We all grow up in different situations. Some grow up in toxic environments, while others grow up in healthy situations. Regardless of your experience growing up, no matter how sweet or bitter, there comes a point in your life, when you will decide how you will respond to circumstances/challenges.

I don’t know if there is anyone who wants to intentionally ruin their life. I do believe, most times, we ruin our lives without realizing it.

Honestly, the more you are aware of your decisions, the better your life will be.

We are born with the ability to choose. Making bad choices often, will definitely have a negative impact on your life.

Some actions are almost guaranteed to lead to destruction. We need to learn from our past mistakes, and seek for help if necessary, rather than walking on the same path of self-destruct, and giving one excuse or the other; defending our bad decisions.

The moment you decide things will change, they will change. You don’t expect your problems to be solve by others, do you?

But do you believe things can be different?

No matter your situation, you have the power, at this moment, to set things right. Be it a bad relationship, an addiction, toxic behaviour.

Your starting point is where you currently are. Start immediately. It is never too late for a change.

We get to choose our decisions, but we don’t get to choose the consequences. The decisions we make, have considerable impact on our lives. Chaotic actions, will not take us anywhere.

Do you have a sense of who you are?

We need to stop running away from the tough questions. I’m very much aware making mistakes is part of life, and helps us grow. But the question is, do you keep making those wrong choices repeatedly?

Your current situation, might be as a result of the decisions you made in the past. Sometimes, your pride wouldn’t let you admit it.

No matter how little the decision is, if you keep making the wrong ones, it will accumulate into a bigger problem. Bad choices lead to pain, regrets, low self-esteem.

We also make daily, small decisions, every minute, every hour. They are called habits. These include spending more than you earned, not mindful of what you eat or drink on a daily basis. You don’t need a major life challenge, to alert you of the dangers of these small, bad habits.

Whatever actions you take today, might have an impact on your life forever. And when it does, admit it, and do whatever it takes to repair the damage. Do not put the blame on God.

It’s not about getting scared, or running away from making decisions; trying to stay safe. It is about giving careful consideration to the choices we make.

If you don’t like your life, then do something about it. Start making changes, and better choices. Quash those bad habits.

Add daily, positive rituals into your life, to counterbalance your negative tendencies. Don’t spend any more minute wallowing in self-pity.

You will definitely encounter occasional hiccups on the road to transformation, but do not lose hope. There will be a gradual progress. You will realise you are in a better place, than you were before.

55 Replies to “Are you ruining your life?”

  1. Beautiful, and we all know these things but ignore the signs don’t work on it , give excuses. But almighty has given us the time now , quarantine period which we can utilise by focusing on ourselves. I have utilised this time by starting my blog on WordPress and this makes me happy that atleast I have taken one step towards the betterment 🙂

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  2. Most people will whine and complain about how much their life sucks, but how many of them are willing to do something about it? Not many! We live in a society that has become too soft in my opinion. You can’t say anything these days without offending someone. 🤷‍♀️ Deep down, I think people get offended because deep down they know they need to change, but are afraid to admit it or simply don’t know where to start.

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    1. Wow!
      Great thoughts, Hilary.
      I absolutely love your thoughts. So true.
      I think it is very important to work on ourselves, and stop making excuses. We don’t have to wait until the whole thing spiral out of control.
      Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful thoughts, Hilary.
      Much appreciation. 🙏❤

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  3. Agree 100 % that it is our reaction that forms or shapes our world. It is inevitable that there will be things that occur that we don’t like but we can choose to make the best out of our circumstance. Good read!

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  4. Great advice. I also think it is useful to be reflective, take stock every now and then of how you are doing. Quite often we get caught up in our rat race that we don’t see the progress we’re making – taking stock can amaze us and fuel our future decisions and actions. Chevvy

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  5. I spent a number of years working with inmates in Texas maximum prison units, that are filled with people that have made terrible choices and many will never see the light of day again. However, the message we took to them (Kairos Prison Ministry) is that you can find forgiveness and freedom, even inside the prison walls. We have a series of talks given by various people that are mostly lay people (clergy is there for a few talks, services, and pastoral visits), and the first one is about choices. The point being, that they can either join one of the several gangs inside and continue making bad decisions, or to choose Christianity, which will open up doors they’ve never been through before. Your message today, reminded me of working with those guys and seeing visible changes in them as they learn the Bible in a meaningful way. By that I mean, they have roughtly 12 hours a day to memorize the Bible and they all do that. So, when we walked inside, they would spit out verses left and right, almost like a machine gun. I would stop them and say, what does that mean? What I got back was a confused look, and hat opened up the door for meaningful discussion. Thanks for your truth, today, I enjoyed reading it.

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    1. This is so touching…
      I love every bit of the story.
      You’re doing such a wonderful job with the inmates; teaching them about forgiveness and bringing in different speakers to speak with them.
      I also love the part about seeing changes in the inmates. Please keep it up.
      Blessings to you and your ministry.

      Thank you so much, for sharing this wonderful story. 🙏🙂❤


  6. Thank you for your comment, as all people I have good days and not so good days. However, the most significant knowledge that I have ever come to a clear understanding of is this: There is a God, and I am not Him!

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  7. Abuse and neglect in childhood can lead victims to internalize self-defeating behavior. Victims subconsciously seek out people who will exploit them and thus repeat their childhood experience. If this pattern emerges, it is important to seek professional help and to overcome the pattern.

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  8. I made coherent choices that can be summarized with really Love, really Helping my Absolute and NEVER understandable Ideals, they are choices that involve infinite works and I wrote them on the computer, on the Internet, on social networks rather than talking in voice about them and so it has become for too many people an infinite videogame, infinite and unethical business opportunities, atrocious and infinite tortures for me, exasperated by the machines that help those who challenge me but I do not ruin my existence 🙂

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