What exactly is Love?

This is a simple question, but very difficult to answer. Love is one of the profound emotions we experience as humans. It is one of the most beautiful things in life.

No matter how much some people may deny it, I think they secretly desire to be cared about, and to care about others.

Everyone has his or her own understanding of the word “love.” But I think this word is one of the most misused words in our society. People say “I love you” without giving it a thought.

You claim you love someone, and end up killing them. You stabbed them with your lies and betrayal.

Love is not in gift boxes, text messages, kisses and hugs. Don’t get me wrong. I’m not against those things. All I’m trying to say is, it goes beyond all that. Anybody can write you that love letter, get you gifts, and give you a peck on the cheek.

It’s so easy to feel loved, when things seem to be going well for us. We are often surrounded by friends, admirers, and supporters. You can’t tell who truly loves you. Although some people do feel unloved, in spite of things going well for them.

I believe when everyone leaves, only love stays. It is what’s left. True love will never abandon you. Its presence comforts you.

Where can love be found?

People say love is embedded in our hearts. Love is all over your body; from the crown of your head to the soles of your feet.

Allow your heart to open, and express love for everyone around you. Don’t let the pain of the past, stop you from loving, or being loved.

In general terms, have you ever tell someone ‘I love you?’

Love is synonymous to tenderness, warmth, endearment, kindness, care, compassion. True love doesn’t change. It is selfless, and delight in the truth.

Unlike love,”like” might change with time. Haven’t you noticed there are things you don’t like about some people anymore? Same goes for the other person. There are things he or she doesn’t like about you anymore.

Start living in a daily expression of love. Besides, true love keeps no record of wrongs. It is forgiving. It is divine.

65 Replies to “What exactly is Love?”

  1. Great post. The topic, I’m thinking about a lot. Being an addict, I took love the same way as other addictions and not always loved people the way I thought I did. I can understand the difference now.
    Thanks for sharing, you gave me some ideas about what to write more about as well.

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      1. Wow!.
        I guess you did what you thought was best for the both of you.
        The truth is, if people aren’t willing to change, we can’t force them. There is nothing much we can do about it. It’s a good thing you said ‘I will always love you.” ☺

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      2. He got that and when we bump into each other a couple of times a year (after 20 years) he still tells me he loves me. Not sure his wife would be pleased – mind you, I shouldn’t care too much – she was cheating with him while we were together 😉

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      3. He’s the father of my two beautiful adult sons and I’ll always love him for that. It saddens me sometimes when I think of how it could have been – and what a fool he was.
        But hey, we’ve both moved on now 🙂 x

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  2. this reminded me of 1 John 4: 7,8 – I learned to sing it in camp when I was a youngster and can still sing it.
    I see this post as a jump start on a love series. Love in Action, love in freedom, love in not speaking when angry.
    Perhaps by sharing stories relating to love in your life you will connect on how to better live a life expressing love in more than words.

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  3. “True love keeps no record of wrongs. It is forgiving.” Perhaps that is the greatest test of love. I also appreciate what Frederick Buechner had to say: “Love is not primarily an emotion but an act of the will.” Putting the two together:
    Forgiveness is often an act of the will first; emotions follow later. The loving person remains steadfast until the emotions catch up.

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  4. I think love in the most overrated term in our society. And very few understands the real meaning of it. Yes, it’s true..love is what remains when everyone abandons us. Because, no matter what real love will never leave you alone.

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  5. Sicuramente è un sentimento meraviglioso…ma difficile da definire, credo non abia limiti nè confini, ognuno di noi lo può interpretare come vuole.
    E’ tanto immenso che i poeti sono secoli che ne scrivono.

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  6. I think that for the longest time I confused love and lust. To love is to give, to lust is to want someone. Passion is the perfect blend of the two. And love is of course, still a subjective concept.

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