The Power/Benefits of Meditation

In today’s busy world of working/business, our minds are rarely at rest, and our bodies are paying the price. Meditation can help a lot in this aspect, as it helps you to know your mind, and master your mind, and is one easy way to combat the effects of daily stress and anxiety.

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How to build a stronger love relationship

In general, a man’s role is to be a provider/initiator, while the woman’s role is to be the nurturer. Most people tend to get offended by the above statement, because they don’t understand how important the role each part plays in the stability of the relationship.
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They say, in this world, it is either you adapt or die

Each time you look at yourself deeply in the mirror, you probably might ask yourself, what are the things that keep you going. You can’t find a reason that motivate you to keep on living.

What other feeling could be worse than that?

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