Letting go of the fear of “The Unknown”

Do you want your world wrapped in predictability?

Have you ever felt like, you need all the information, or solutions, as regards the future?

The feeling of not know what’s going to happen, or what others are thinking or feeling, tend to cause anxiety in us.

Sometimes, we desperately want to know what the impending future holds in store for us. But I do believe we have the capacity to cope with the fear of uncertainty. I think the security we crave for, is but a deception, to pull us into a false sense of safety.

Sometimes, being too comfortable, can keep us from being fully awake. Your paved-track mentality, may fail to prepare you for a rugged-terrain adventure.

When you are at ease with uncertainty, a world of possibilities will open up in your life.

The primary reason for our fear of the unknown, lies in our fear of failure. When we are about to embark on a new journey, we tend to hesitate, because our intended objective may not be reached.

When things go as planned, we feel in control. But when there is an unexpected turn of events, it can leave us feeling nervous.

Constantly thinking about the unknown, will leave you in a fix, without end. The thought of experiencing unfamiliar situations, which lies ahead, can be scary. This fear, can get in the way of our well-being, in the long run.

Some people believe the unknown is both a blessing and a curse. This might be as a result of the opportunities that lies in uncertainty, and our limited control over events.

The “unknown” involves change, and change is simply a natural cycle of life, although an unexpected change can be terrifying.

We evolve by being expose to uncertainties. Learn to live with the unknown, rather than trying to avoid it. It is possible to overcome our anxiety.

Be open to possibility. Truth be told, some of the significant decisions we took, were characterized, in part, by uncertainty.

One of the challenging parts of uncertainty, is the feeling of being out of control. We yearn for certainty, so as to dispel our apprehension.

We can influence the future, but we can not control it. Instead of expecting the future to deliver something explicit, why don’t you focus on what you can do, to create the experience you want? Your decisions are within your control.

Worrying a lot about the future, makes it impossible to see the beauty that lies in the present. One of the ways you can tackle uncertainty, is to stay in the moment.

Embracing your fears, can be exciting, and motivating, rather than fearful. Uncertainty doesn’t mean something bad is going to happen. Stop avoiding new situations, out of fear of the unknown.

Some people might have this thought, that if the outcome of a situation is going to be bad, then it shouldn’t be made known. Why don’t we concentrate on solving real problems, instead of worrying about the ones that may never happen?

You don’t have to react to every thought that goes on in your head. Sometimes, they are simply what they are; just thoughts, nothing more.

Our journey will always be filled with tears, laughter, pain, and joy. We don’t get to cherry pick only the parts of our lives we want to experience.

You don’t have to know the outcome of every event. Attempting to predict or control everything in life, might bring down further misfortune.

Although we can’t avoid the unforeseen, but we shouldn’t let our fears engulf our entire world. Console yourself with the thought that things may not always go as planned.

Unexpected changes, comes with lots of discomfort and disruption. Accept that you can not avoid the effect of change in your life.

When you step forward, you have no idea what might happen. But nothing will happen, if you continue to stay where you are. Embrace the unknown right away.

45 Replies to “Letting go of the fear of “The Unknown””

  1. Inspiring! It makes sense that we sholud stop being so nervous for what should happen. I myself have just tried the thing with procastinating to do something, because it was uncertain what would happen. Sometimes we just have to think: what’s the worst thing that could happen? – and the do it!

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  2. We are meant to be balanced . A little bit of fear or anger is required sometimes as a survival or proection mechanism to feel that we should change something both from within and so without and transform it into the light of awareness and love …

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  3. The Bible tells us 365 times to FEAR NOT that’s one for every day. Yes, we need to learn strategies to keep the fear at bay. Some may need medical intervention due to underlying health conditions. Fear & worry can bring in so many other issues for us. I pray for all who suffer from anxiety.

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  4. Well, that was quite the pep-talk! LOL.

    But I needed to hear it, especially this:
    “The primary reason for our fear of the unknown, lies in our fear of failure. When we are about to embark on a new journey, we tend to hesitate, because our intended objective may not be reached.”

    Thank you! There is an area in my life that has been progressing only very slowly and I believe that, at least in part, the delay is due to my perfectionist attitude.

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    1. It’s a good thing you’re honest with yourself. Just like you wrote, a perfectionist tend to hesitate, as regards the unknown. Some people want to be certain about the outcome of an event.
      But it is good to embrace the unknown. 🙂

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  5. That’s a good way of phrasing it, that we can “influence” but not “control” the future. We can do our part to shape the reality we want, but honestly we should be glad we can’t make the world do exactly what we want. If everyone had that power, every desire would just cancel each other out.

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    1. “We should be glad we can’t make the world do exactly what we want. If everyone had that power, every desire would just cancel each other out.”
      This is so true…😁
      I totally agree with you.
      Great thoughts. 🙂

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  6. Wonderful piece ❣️.

    I love the way you have addressed on embracing our fears. The fear of failure holds us back from painting outside the box and set us on a path of micromanaging our future path to success into specific and as you put it explicit goals.

    It was quite insightful on how we need to let things go and appreciate our current selves and go about business in a way that sets you on path of excellence without worrying about the outcome.

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  7. I’m simply loving this post of yours….as I so much resonate with what you’ve written….some of my poems are “the unknown” related as well….thx for your great sharing

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  8. It’s hard to go out from our conventional ‘comfort zone’ but if the advantages outweigh the disadvantages, it’s worth a try. The experience might teach us a valuable lesson in the future. I think regrets on not trying is the worst for me. This post is very much relatable. Congratulations!

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