How Are You Feeling?

Everyone hides their feelings every now and again, especially when we are feeling sad. Hiding or suppressing your emotions is not good for your mind and body.

When we repress our feelings, those feelings will become difficult to handle. Bottling it all up or concealing your emotions, can be toxic.

You are told to “suck it up”. People might say you are “weak” for expressing your emotion. Honestly, you don’t have to “suck it up“. Most people do this quite well. There are things that might happen to you when you focus on hiding your feelings. You may not realize it, but this can affect your well-being.

Psychologists argue suppressing your emotions only makes it worse. Those who hide their negative emotions experience more anger, anxiety, sadness, and frightful dreams. This was discovered in a study published in the American Psychology Association.

It is funny how when you suppress your feelings, they haunt you all the more. You need to accept the fact that “emotion” is a natural part of our existence, and experience, here on earth. The more open you are to work with your emotions, the better you will feel.

We all dislike the negative feelings like anger, anxiety, depression, panic, hatred, and so on. So, we try to run away from such emotions. But they find a way back to us.

We can learn to release our negative emotions in ways that are healthy and not destructive to us or others. You can express your feelings through writing, body language or talking with others. Try writing what you have been feeling throughout the week. This may help you to speak about what’s bothering you, with someone you can confide in. It is good also to consult with a counsellor or psychologist. They can help by providing a safe place where you can free your mind.

You are human, and you will experience all kinds of emotions. Hiding those feelings, is not the best way out, and can lead to a poor quality of life. Accept the fact that you can’t escape from “emotions”. There is always something to “feel” every day. Express your feelings, and voice your opinion. Try as much as possible not to cage your thoughts.

There are times when you have buried your pain instead of dealing with it. You are hurting in silence. All it takes is a fake smile or laughter, to hide the pain, and no one will ever know how broken you are. We tell everyone how “good” we feel, while we long to say how much it hurts.

How long are you going to be able to wear that mask?

Some people have this habit of pleasing others. We project what we think they need, and hardly say how we truly feel. I guess you haven’t realize how much you need to express yourself for your own good.

Break free of the habit of suppressing your emotions, and seek for help when necessary. Allow yourself to feel and express.


53 Replies to “How Are You Feeling?”

  1. Majority of people suppress their emotions and learning to face them accepting what has happened is not always easy but to bury them only creates deeper problems and harder to release. I have not always had someone to talk about my hurts and feelings and this in itself is hard I found talking to the Divine was the only solution. Trust with your inner most emotions needs someone you can trust and not everyone can do this. Good post

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    1. Your words touched my heart.
      You’re absolutely right. It is not always easy to deal with, or accept our emotions. Finding someone we trust, is also another problem.
      I love communicating with the Divine also. I really like your thoughts. 🙂

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  2. Such a great read!
    Not all emotions can be expressed if at all We did people start to raise questions and it is clear that they are judging us!! In this case emotions locks deep within and create mental illness!

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    1. It is better to choose the right people who understand you and truly care for your well-being…
      Choose wisely and mindfully who to talk to …
      Going out to nature and excercising helps a lot with meditation…
      Another thing is to observe your thoughts , let go of thoughts that do not serve well and change them into something better or just relaxing …
      Have you read the power of now by Eckhart Tolle or listened to it on youtube ?

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      1. Beautiful, ecohorizons.!! 👋👋
        You nailed it.
        We have to choose wisely whoever we decide to confide in – someone who understand and care about us.
        You couldn’t have said it any better.
        I love the tips you gave as well.

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  3. Thank you for the timely insight. I am in recovery and one of my most painful emotions to manage is depressive thinking. Finding the courage to reveal to loved ones my pain and appear weak and needy is risky. But transparency and self disclosure is a necessary part of the recovery journey.

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  4. Very true! It’s amazing how long a suppressed emotion can linger, while one that is quickly released fades away in a blink of the eye. That’s probably one reason we forget why we are laughing so easily, since we are less likely to bottle up our positive emotions.

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