Tomorrow doesn’t exist!

We do not see things ‘the way they are‘, we see things ‘the way we are‘.

Most people put too much pressure on themselves, in relation to the future, when all that truly matters most is the ‘NOW.’

The future doesn’t exist until it becomes the present, so why should you worry about it?

Today, we live, but who can really speak of tomorrow? Focus on the present, instead of a non-existent future. I know you have got plans all lined up for the future, but you don’t have to worry about them all the time, else you will miss the beauty of the present.

Stop putting too much dependence on the future; which is under probability.

Some people do employ the ‘positive thinking attitude‘ towards the future, which is a good thing. But let’s be honest, what if you die tomorrow? That is why it is very important to live fully in the present, because it is really all you have got. It is the only thing you are conscious of.

The present
Live today, and stop worrying about the future.

Right now, you are probably worrying about tomorrow, but you need to ask yourself these questions; is “a tomorrow” guarantee? What if it is the last one?

Most of us see life through our own mind, and this mind way of living, often hide the “truth” from us.

The mind tells you “Hey John, you can’t afford those pair of shoes right now, so, you will have to put your happiness on hold, until when you finally get them.”

So, you sit down, and wallow in self pity, until you get them. What a fatal lie! A killjoy!

That is why it is important not to let “things” determine your happiness, or else the mind will gain victory over you.

So, today, I laughed, wrote, and published, because I know nothing of tomorrow. It is a mystery.

60 Replies to “Tomorrow doesn’t exist!”

  1. Agree with you completely. Today is the time for action. and what you do today, right now affects tomorrow, the future. We miss so much beauty, so many wondrous experiences when we live either in the past or the future. Here’s to today. May it be a joyful one for you!

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  2. Yesterday I read a post on twitter.

    The guy said, ‘before you complain or worry about anything, remember there are people who woke up today from their homes and this evening they will be spending the night in the fridge in the morgue’ Uhu!

    By all means, make plans for tomorow BUT kick out anxiety, thoughts and worries of tomorrow.

    Live TODAY!


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  3. Yes, yes, yes! The basic truth is, you’re blest with 900 minutes today, you have a free will to decide what to do with your 900 minutes…. you can choose to notice what happens today and enjoy the moment! If you’re lucky, you’ll have another 900 minutes tomorrow 😷🙏😉

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  4. This reminds me of Dr. Joe Dispenza and all he keeps on saying. Basically every great spiritual teacher emphasizes the importance of being in the present.

    Currently reading The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle and it blends with what you say. Great post. 👌

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