How To Overcome Toxic Behaviours

A toxic behaviour is one that is harmful. I wrote about it HERE. Many people who exhibit toxic traits are oblivious to their own behaviours.

Honestly, we all have our good days and bad days. But if your negative behaviour is becoming a constant thing, then you need to do something about it. This is necessary because your toxicity can hurt those in your life, and drive many people away. It is important to recognize our toxic behaviours, so as to work on them. Below are some of the ways you can overcome your toxic behaviours:

Be honest with Yourself

Sometimes, it is not them it is actually you who need to stop being toxic. If you wish to be respected by others, then you have to be willing to be completely honest with yourself, by recognizing your toxic behaviours, and to actively change those behaviours. This will show that you are ready to move forward and live a life of more positivity.

Get in touch with your Values

What are the things that matters to you? Is loyalty or faithfulness important to you? How would you feel if someone tell lies about you? A lot of the toxic things we are doing comes from the fact that we are not thinking about how they would affect us, if the roles were reversed. When you want others to treat you the way you treat them, this will make you to consider your words and actions.

Learn to move on

Moving on requires that we no longer allow ourselves to continue living in the past. The first step on how to let go of the past, is to identify what is holding you back. What exactly are you holding on to? Do you need to forgive someone, either in person, or just in your own heart? This is necessary so that you can let go of anger, and step into a more peaceful state. It takes time to heal, though.

Focus on the Positive

You can overcome your toxic behaviours by fostering more positive habits to overpower the negative habits or self-beliefs. It is important to focus more on the positive things that you have experienced. One of the best ways to do this is by practicing gratitude. Focus on what you have in your life, and not what you don’t have. Also, surround yourself with positive people.

Take responsibility for your actions

Learn to apologize, by admitting your wrongdoings. Stop making excuses for your bad decisions. We tend to shift the blame on others, when we think we can do no wrong. Your apology need to be followed by a sincere intention to change the behaviour, so as to stop causing harm.

Engage in self-improvement activities

In trying to overcome your toxic behaviours, you can read books and listen to podcasts that will help you improve. You can also practice meditation or breathing exercises to calm your emotions, because our emotions often get the best of us. These are great ways to be proactive and protect ourselves from further toxicity.


The above are just tips on how to overcome toxic behaviours. You can seek professional help by consulting with a therapist or specialist.

52 Replies to “How To Overcome Toxic Behaviours”

  1. Learning to apologize is a big one. I try to be very conscious about it because it’s easy to get defensive in an attempt to not be “wrong.” Another important aspect of that is not taking things personally. It’s easier to take in other people’s reactions if we don’t see each one as a judgement on ourselves.

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