Are we really slaves to ‘Time’?

What time is it?

The advent of time-telling devices allowed us to measure time accurately. We set alarms and wear watches on our wrists. We can’t deny the dominance of time over our lives. We go in circles, trying to chase the hands of the clock.

Time may seem like a funny thing, sometimes. Come to think of it, time itself is simply the movement of a clock. But everyone knows the feeling of time appearing to slow down or speed up.

Time forces us to act when we would rather relax. Our lives are guided and measured by “time”. We live in fear of wasting time, and not being able to accomplish anything meaningful.

Clocks are fitted on our desktops and phones. We rush here and there to meet deadlines, and time seem to be a burden.

Truth be told, “time” is not the problem. The problem is “fear“. We are afraid of time, and its limit. To appear reliable and responsible, we can’t help but worry about time. It gives some of us anxiety.

The conduct of our lives is based on fear. And when we end up not utilizing our time, it result in anger, and regrets.

You know the feeling of being stuck in traffic, while in a hurry. How about waiting in line, or expecting a phone call? A slow internet connection can drive us crazy. We incessantly glare at the clock, and grumble. Impatience sparks frustration, and finally flares into rage.

In spite of our worries, time has never been a renewable resource. We have to learn to use time, without fear, because time is good at reflecting our fears.

Use the time you have to do more of the things that fulfill you as an individual. You don’t have to be enslaved by external obligations, or social demands, because regrets can be so easy when it comes to “time”.

You don’t have to power ahead all the time. Life is a natural phenomenon of work and rest, of reflection, and of growth. You are only one thread in an exquisitely intricate web of events, and sometimes, life doesn’t work to your schedule.

You might feel pressured, by man-made timing. That is why it is important to work more with the timing of inspired action, because when you are inspired to do something, the task will seem less tedious, and more fulfilling.

Start living in freedom, rather than fear, because fear is slavery. Anxiety over “time”, isn’t going to change anything. This ticking all through the night, will eat your soul, if you become obsessed with it.

60 Replies to “Are we really slaves to ‘Time’?”

  1. So true my friend. Very nicely written. Great advice to everyone I think for me getting older has helped this β€œslavery to time” for me. Great piece. Have a blessed day. Love πŸ’• Joni

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  2. That’s very true. It isn’t that time is against us so much as that our fears latch onto time as a symbol. That’s probably why I have so many anxiety dreams in which I look at the clock and realize I’m late for something.

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