Letter to a broken soul -White Rose Maria

Dear White Rose Maria,

You said your heart is sticky, and so it tends to glue those dear to you, firmly. But then, when they walked away, they ripped it off; opened.

You want to taste love, but betrayal is all you get. Your laughter hides your aching heart, and your smile masks the fact that you are falling. In despair, you said:

I showed them nothing but love, but they pay me back evil for good.”

When it was cold, you kept them warm, even to your own discomfort. But they were only pretending to be your friends, and they were good at it.

It seems to you that just about everybody who has ever cared about you, has abandoned you in your time of great need.

You are going to be fine, Maria. Your wounds are going to heal, it’s just a matter of time. I know it is difficult to find the words behind the pain, and tears, but don’t let bad experiences keep you from being happy. Be grateful, because they taught you that not everyone is here to stay.

But you must realise we are only human, and sometimes, we let each other down. We profess love and true friendship, before we know what it really means. We abuse trust, and make terrible mistakes.

So, you should always be able to forgive. Do not allow hatred and anger to consume you, even though it is something that you will be unable to forget. Pray no one ever betrays them, like they betrayed you.


White Rose Maria” is purely fictional. She is a character that represents those broken souls out there. Honestly, we have to learn to treat the people we claim to love, with consideration. As for the one who is hurting, forgiveness will make the future better, for you, and those who have hurt you deeply.

42 Replies to “Letter to a broken soul -White Rose Maria”

  1. It is not worth cultivating bad feelings. It is also wise not to expect “payment” or repaying for your good deed. Let us do good without expecting each other. Maybe it’s cruel to each other. But healthier for our soul and body. The one who says, “I help her so much, I’m good to her and she repays me badly, I don’t even know if she notices my good.” This one is interesting – Something for something

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    1. Wow!
      Great thoughts.
      That is why I wrote in the post, stating the fact that we are only human, and that we make mistakes and hurt each other badly.
      But betrayal can be painful though, and that is why we should be considerate.

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  2. Beautifully expressed truths. I love that you decided to create a fictional character as a sort of archetype.

    I think to a greater or lesser degree, everybody is sacrificing others to his/her self-interest, all the time, and everybody is being sacrificed to other’s needs, all the time. This must be the turning wheel of Dharma the Buddha spoke about. The only way to stop the process is to stop sacrificing others, even when they keep hurting you. I think this is what Jesus meant when he spoke of “turning the other cheek”.

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