Secret messages from Nature

“Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better” – Albert Einstein

Nature is always speaking to us, but we must listen intently in order to understand its language. If you seek internal answers, nature can help. It can make us aware of things in regards to ourselves as well as circumstances in our lives we may need assistance with. Below are some of nature’s secret messages:

The FLOWER is telling us:

Walk, run at your own pace. Your only competition is yourself. A flower doesn’t think of competing with another flower. It blooms at its own pace, until its alluring beauty is revealed.

Secret messages from Nature
Move at your own pace. Your only competition is yourself.

The STAR is telling us:

Stars do not pull each other down to be more visible. Together, they shine brighter. The size of a star doesn’t matter, as long as it gives light to the world. Don’t forget, the stars shine brighter, during the darkest nights.

Secret messages from Nature
The stars shine brighter during the darkest nights.

The MOUNTAIN is telling us:

Be courageous, no matter what comes your way. These mountains at times seems too steep for you to climb, but you can overcome them. Everyone faces personal obstacles, but you can become your own biggest obstacle, when you allow fear and self-doubt to take control of your life. It is possible to scale the highest mountain, and reduce it to a molehill.

Secret messages from Nature
It is possible to scale the highest mountain.

The SKY is telling us:

Keep going. Your potential and opportunities are sky high. Break the boundaries you have set for yourself. It is possible to reach goals which you feel are unattainable. Beyond what you see and perceive, there are even more possibilities. I’m only the starting point.

Secret messages from Nature
The sky is the starting point.

The WATER is telling us:

Stop thinking you need to control all aspects of your life. Learn to deal with new situations, by adjusting to them. Just as water adjusts to the shape of its container, you must learn to adapt to the dynamics of change. With a flexible mind, you will be able to respond accordingly to circumstances.

Secret messages from Nature
Learn to deal with new situations, by adjusting to them.

The EAGLE is telling us:

When the storms hits, the eagle will set its wings, so that the wind will pick it up, and lift it above the storm.

Our lives are not determined by what happens to us, but by how we react to what happens. When the storms of life come upon us, we, too, can rise above them. We can lift ourselves above trials, and use them for gain, by learning from the experience, and be made better.

Secret messages from Nature
Like an eagle, we can rise above the storms of life.

46 Replies to “Secret messages from Nature”

  1. Only by learning from the past can we make a better future.

    This is a defining characteristic of humans.

    Someone invents a dagger, the next person attached a stick to it and makes a spear.

    We build off past successes, no other creature on earth can do this

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  2. So many beautiful messages! I especially appreciate one from the stars. As someone who has had to hunt for darker patches of sky to see more stars, I feel that reminder that stars are brightest “during the darkest nights” on more than one level. 🌌🌟

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