Celebrate those victories, no matter how big or small

It doesn’t matter how large or small, make an effort to appreciate the things you have accomplished. It shouldn’t end with simply crossing it out from your to-do list.

Recognizing personal growth, is very important. It helps to motivate you, and strengthen your self-esteem and sense of self-worth. Take a moment to celebrate what you have achieved, and feel good about yourself.

Appreciation is often downplayed in our lives. We easily forget to appreciate what we have done, and the things we have. Lack of appreciation for the steps you have taken, can create a feeling of emptiness.

We tend to perceive our small victories, as “less important,” not realizing that our bigger goals are made up of smaller, much-easier-to-accomplish goals. What you consider as “small,” could be a huge turning point in your life.

Truth be told, we experience victories often than we think. When you overcome your fear(s), it is a victory, doing the things you love, is a victory. We fail to recognize victory, when we become too hard on ourselves, or when we are obsessed about the future.

Someone might think you are being foolish, for rejoicing over the completion of your book, when it has not yet been published. But who cares, it is your victory, not theirs. The fact that you have a manuscript already, is worthy of recognition. So why not take pleasure in it?

We often move on to the next task, without giving ourselves a pat on the back, for the one we have been able to do. Be your own cheerleader, and build upon each victory.

When you have no regard for your victories, you may be unconsciously telling yourself that what you have achieved, is of little or no value.

Give yourself credit for reaching a milestone. It took you a great deal of effort, to get to where you are. You don’t have to be in a hurry, to conquer the mountain for a second time, when you haven’t acknowledge the first one.

Focusing only on “what’s next”? can lead to weariness. Learn to acknowledge your present victories, before looking forward to future ones. By only looking ahead, you are unable to see how far you have come.

Some bloggers do publish posts on their stats and blogging anniversary, while others silently acknowledge theirs. The bottom line is, you did acknowledged them.

Failure to recognize your accomplishments, might lead to burn out. But when you pause, and reflect on your victories, you are unknowingly creating more positivity, and at the same time, you are replenished. This, in turn, will motivate you to accomplish bigger goals.

52 Replies to “Celebrate those victories, no matter how big or small”

      1. β™₯οΈπŸ’•β™₯️ you are one of the most interesting people that I have met via this WordPress community!! And that’s TRUE!! 😍
        May God bless you!!

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  1. This article is definitely an eye-opener. We should learn to celebrate even the small victories. You can celebrate even alone if you don’t want to celebrate on a large scale. We definitely need to think about it.

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  2. I LOVE marking things off my list. It is my way to celebrate the little things. I do think that many of us think that we should only celebrate the BIG things. But what if you get discouraged because you didn’t celebrate along the way & you give up. We need to be aware of the things that keep us motivated and keep moving forward!

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  3. “By only looking ahead, you are unable to see how far you have come.”

    I think Winston Churchill once said, ‘the further you look into the past, the farther you can see into the future’

    Only by looking back and reflecting can we acknowledge and learn from the mistakes we made as well as recognize patterns that can be capitalized on. Once that is done, we can project our vision even more effectively into the future.

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      1. I’m from San Francisco originally, I’ve been all over East Asia (minus Mongolia & N. Korea) and I’m in Latin America now.

        I write about the lessons I learn from going to far flung places. Feel free to check me out if you want

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  4. Yes, it’s very important to celebrate the little victories–and maybe not even think of them as “little” after all. We maintain motivation much better if we can see the accomplishments piling up behind us rather than looking only at the daunting number of tasks still ahead.

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