What is your definition of ‘NORMAL’?

Is that normal?

The concept of ‘normal,’ and what counts as ‘normal behaviour,’ has long been of interest to sociologists. Sociologists have very different approaches to answering the basic, but fundamental question, ‘what is normal‘?

Normal is seen as usual, typical, or expected, and appear to be certain patterns of behaviour, which majority of the people in a society, conform to. In its simplest form, normal is seen as “good,” while abnormal is seen as “bad.”

The negative side of “normalcy“, is the marginalization of people, that do not fit within the norm. Someone being seen as normal or not normal, can have social repercussions, such as being included, excluded, or sidelined by larger society.

Normal is defined by yourself, and acceptance is determined by the society. In such cases, one may decide to find a community, where they are easily accepted.

I think people are obsessed with social conformity. Think of the typical person, their life goes something like this – Go to school, graduate, get a job, find an ideal love partner, get married, have kids, raise kids, go into retirement, then die.

Sounds pretty normal”, right?

I guess this is what the society expect of us. Besides, most of our peers are into this identical way of living, we can as well be a part of it. A lot of people stick to this textbook way of living, and anyone who deviates from it, is seen as a weirdo.

We live in a world, of which each individual is unique. Some people tend to think differently, unconventionally, or from a new perspective.

Sometimes, we need to pause, and think deeply about the paths we take. Don’t do things simply for the sole reason of ‘Everyone is doing it, I might as well jump on the bandwagon. I don’t want to be labeled “eccentric.”

What is wrong in being unusual“?

A lot of people think there is only one way of doing things. Thinking outside of the box, might gradually be going into extinction.

One thing you should understand, is, people has their “quirks.” These quirks are considered abnormal by larger society.

Some people are trying to fit in, because they don’t want to be perceived as “odd“, so as not to be excluded, or made fun of.

Who gets to decide what’s normal, and what’s not?

Norms are decided by nobody in particular, but by everybody in general. Norms are simply the average of different popular views/beliefs. Although at some point, a popular belief may be preserved as a law, and people are expected to obey that law.

Unfortunately, society does to some extent, dictate “normality”. We have social rules to obey. Every society has their accepted customs. These customs may serve as a means to prevent extreme behaviour. But nonetheless, every one will always have his or her own definition of “normal“.

56 Replies to “What is your definition of ‘NORMAL’?”

  1. Despair.com has a wonderful poster in their Demotivator series: “TRADTION. Just because you’ve always done is that way doesn’t mean it’s not incredibly stupid.” I find it true and also hilarious.

    I find that healthy boundaries are the best clue as to what’s normal for any given person. Whatever flocking behavior of similarities exist in cultures, I find it important to be aware of them, sometimes, though I do not move because they move. I move when moved, by myself or something that inspires or influences me in a way I give a nod to.

    The real problem is starting to occur with so-called alternative facts. Facts don’t need an adjective. Alternative facts = opinion, and that isn’t fact.

    Hypothetical example: One sees a lot of crazy people in a group, and that group has established the norm. That person calmly walks by, their calmness and strength is mocked for being insane — by a group self-influencing themselves on the narcotic of false safety in groups. We’re only safe and normal when the structural integrity and health of out boundaries is intact and with fluid fluency to respond rather than react. to be fluid, though not always go with the flow. Sometimes go with the flow. Depends.

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      1. Margaret Mead. It was paraphrased from memory, though. Her original is, “Always remember that you are absolutely unique. Just like everyone else.” 🙂

        She’s fascinating.

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      2. Me as well. Healthy, personal perspective being aware if what actually is is beyond wonderful. “Inspect your expectations,” is another good one. Too many business programs have churned it through their mills to get to the origin of it, though.

        Perspective is everything. Helps as well to respond (or not) instead of reacting.

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  2. Normal is not real. We live in a society where everyone is different. So, what would normal look like? When people use the word normal they are really talking about making everyone fit a model that makes them comfortable, not normalcy. This concept of normal is why people hate and why people judge others.

    It is very difficult for a person to accept their uniqueness. Society makes us believe, at a young age, that if we are different there is something wrong with us; that we have to conform in order to feel a part of something. I hate that. I am a weirdo and have been probably since I was born. I embraced my weirdness young (not that I didn’t have moments of wanting to fit in) and it has helped me tremendously who I became as an adult. But many people cannot get past the need for acceptance and this “normal” concept does not help.

    Understanding everything I wrote above, I try not to judge others about their conformity(not normalcy). If a person wants to be like the others, I can accept that, but I would like those same people to accept weirdos who just want to be themselves.

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  3. So well written! I have always believed there is no normal or abnormal. It is just a generally accepted way that most people in a society follow and anybody you decides to be different is considered a pariah! I rather think of that person as a true exception, or an exceptional soul 🙂

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  4. Normal sucks, but our own tendencies to please the society takes us the same road as others. And then we regret our own decisions and wish we had done something different.

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  5. If you base your definition of normal on the average in society, you’re pretty lost. The average American spends 4-5 hours on TV, daily. Is that normal? I don’t think so. What is normal in a sick society?
    Consider Nazi Germany: showing compassion and concern for people and maintaining a humanistic attitude was outside the norm. If you didn’t share the antisemitism and refused to support the system, you were considered crazy and dangerous.

    I think this is one reason why growing up and trying to become a sane adult is so difficult. It takes some time to find out that people who can provide a healthy, sane reference frame for one’s behaviour are actually pretty rare.

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    1. “I think this is one reason why growing up and trying to become a sane adult is so difficult. It takes some time to find out that people who can provide a healthy, sane reference frame for one’s behaviour are actually pretty rare..”
      I love the above words.
      Just like I wrote, everyone will always have his or her own definition of normal, and the society, does to some extent, dictate normal.
      Thanks for sharing your thoughts, seeker.


  6. So true! Just like some literature text, when you deviate, it’s your style unlike norms and traditions, when you deviate you are out of line and probably seen as a weirdo.

    For me Normal or abnormal, just own it, one would always look weird to some people 👌 that’s why it’s their business not mine.

    Great post!

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    1. “For me Normal or abnormal, just own it, one would always look weird to some people 👌 that’s why it’s their business not mine.”
      Love the above words. You’re absolutely right. It is their business, not yours. 🙂

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