Is everybody born a winner?

“Winning isn’t getting ahead of others. It is getting ahead of yourself” – Roger Staubach

Are some people born blessed, destined to be winners, whereas others are born, destined to stay as losers, no matter how hard they try?
It does look that way, doesn’t it? Some call it luck or ill-luck. Others call it blessings or lack thereof. Some people think it is karma at work, and simply say “who knows.”

You were born to win. But to be a winner, you must think and act like one. Once you come to terms with that, the life you were meant to live, will unfold before your eyes. You can achieve what you believe. The first step to take, is conceiving it. Your thought pattern gave birth to the actions you took. It is up to you to decide how you are going to live out the rest of your life.

What differentiates a winner from others, has to do with the things they do. Someone who has given his or her best, what he or she possibly can, to accomplish a particular thing, is said to be a winner. Everyone is a potential winner. Don’t be so quick to draw negative conclusions about others.

We are not born winners. We have to make ourselves into winners, and winners don’t wait for chances, they take their chances. They seek for an opportunity, not security. They do not run from a challenge, rather, they say “Bring it on.”

A winner is not a person who never fail, but a person who never stops trying. Moreover, they learn from the past, and enjoy working in the present, toward the future.

Are you a winner? Do you easily give up when life throws you a curveball?

Life is filled with difficult decisions, and winners are those who make the difficult decisions. Don’t waste any more minute complaining. Start training to be a champion. Don’t blame others for your mistakes. Take full responsibility for your actions.

You don’t have to compare your achievement with that of others. Rather, make an inward comparison, to see if you are a better person, than you were yesterday.

There are times when you will feel like giving up, and times when you must make some changes. But nevertheless, let your failure inspire you, not defeat you. Be patient, and willing to learn.

People who win are not special beings. They didn’t do anything out of the ordinary. They simply did things differently. They are the products of their thoughts.

Life can be full of distractions, but you don’t have to get wrapped up in those distractions. Channel your energy towards the things that matters the most.

Winning isn’t about financial security only. It also involve building great friendships, a good love life, a healthy lifestyle. Winners appreciate and enjoy what they have. If you are enjoying peace and love, believe me, you are winning.

Be brave. Don’t be afraid to walk into a daring future. Act as though it is impossible to quit. Get your priorities straight. It gets tough, you get tired, but you keep on going anyway. Why? It is because YOU CAN.

The “Why me?” lamentation isn’t going to take you anywhere. Life doesn’t get easier, you get stronger. Don’t use obstacles as excuses, rather, use them as challenges.

Stop thinking about the things you failed to accomplish last year, or the number of times you failed. Don’t get discouraged. As a toddler, you fell so many times, before you could walk. Winning isn’t all about the things you have achieved, but it is also about the person you have become. As a successful businessman, you are a winner, not really in terms of the number of houses you own, and the cars in your garage. It is about becoming a disciplined, wiser and stronger person, as a result of the risks you took, the decisions you made, and the hurdles you crossed.

Of course, failure is acceptable on the way to success. It always looks impossible, until it is done. If you are on the verge of giving up, think about those who invented the things you’re presently enjoying, such as light bulbs, phones and airplanes. If they had given up, those things would not have been available.

Don’t stay a dreamer. Be an achiever also. Don’t stay a quitter, be a winner. It is time to wake up, and take the necessary steps. Strive to achieve the things you want. Don’t let a soul in the world tell you “You can’t.”


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    1. Wonderful post! As the saying goes, the best strive and thrive to be better than themself yesterday.

      I fully resonate with Roger Staubach’s “Winning isn’t getting ahead of others. It is getting ahead of yourself.” He was a powerfully successful quarterback, and such an amazing human being. It always felt like he was a normal guy, who certainly had gifts, though that he considered the gifts to be talents. Innate talents. Innate talents that through his work and perseverance he developed into abilities, the abilities we know him for on the football field.

      I grew up enamored with the Dallas Cowboys led by Roger Staubach, Tom Landry, Tony Dorsett, Charlie Waters, Effrin Herrera. And, looking back, that’s one of the first experiences I had of witnessing a winner’s spirit in a team of winner’s spirits. 4th Quarter. 20+ points (or some such large number). 3 minutes to go, and we are all glued to the TV. Oh, we have 3 minutes. We can still win. They can still do it. Did you hear that. “We,” and then “they”? Their team reached out through the television and we felt part of the team, and they were leading the way.

      And, we would watch as a team that had been together, though was behind, came together through exhaustion with a surgical grace to BAM touchdown. Squib kick, BAM we got the ball back. BAM, touchdown. BAM.Touchdown/FIeld Goal. Dallas WINS! It wasn’t about more points than the other team at that point. It was powerful witness of the grace under fire of a group of people become totems of a celebration of life itself. I didn’t think all that back then when I was 7 or 8 through my teens. Though, I swam in it every week, immersed a the winner’s pool so to speak led by Roger Staubach.\

      I feel it’s important to be comfortable with the not-knowing, while actionably and consistently get things done. With all the attributions to authorship, it’s unclear to me who expressed this new quote, though I resonate with it. “Be fluid, though don’t go with the flow. Only dead fish go with the flow.”

      This particular thing you said stands out: “ Life can be full of distractions, but you don’t have to get wrapped up in those distractions. Channel your energy towards the things that matters the most.” That is gold. That’s a truly valuable statement. Thank you.

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      1. Sometimes , going with the flow of the universe is better than going against it . IT could be dangerous sometimes but sometimes going with the flow is easy-going , enriching and effortless as if inspired by intuition . I am not saying it is a general rule but each case is different …

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        1. Oh yes, I wholly agree. My intent was to not get just carried away by, basically kidnapped by a flow when one might basically need to be the Rock of Gibraltar standing unmoved by the ocean at times. And, at other times as you wonderfully expressed, “going with the flow is easy-going, enriching, and effortless as if inspired by intuition.” Yes. Very much so. I call that part being comfortable with the not-knowing. I love that you tapped in intuition at the last of that, makes for the unconscious and instinct to be seen as active, and actionable, like an intuitive rudder or radar.

          I thoroughly appreciate your comment as “flow” and “fluid” so often embrace the Both/And rather than the either/or.

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      2. I enjoyed reading your thoughts, Jordan.
        I’m really amazed at how well you wrote about the Dallas Cowboys. So passionately. 🙂
        I guess the post brought back memories.
        Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful thoughts. I really appreciate. 🙏❤

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        1. Much appreciated. Yes, the story, the experience resonated as it re-surfaced coming back as fresh as if happened yesterday. Your accolade is valuable to me, brings a smile. Thank you for taking the time.

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    2. I do believe some people are borm more talented than others.
      But I also believe that with work, anyone can rise above the other.

      And also, talents are not permanent. They can be made and unmade with time.

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      1. Wow!
        Really? I never knew talents are not permanent.
        I completely agree with you about some being talented than others, and how hard work can make one rise above the other.
        Great thoughts, Ishaan. Sometimes, I doubt if truly you’re a fourteen year old. You’re so smart and full of wisdom. 🙂

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      2. I would agree that talents aren’t permanent. They provide a natural impetus towards something that is pursued or not. If pursued, they may very well be developed into abilities over time, though standalone they’re rather newborn kinda oyster soft..

        Though, back to full-on agreeing with you on talents not being permanent. There’s a gardener’s use-it-or-lose it quality at work in this I feel. Not used, and talents desiccate and die on the vine, where they then, lost and forgotten in a past where they weren’t planted and nourished properly, they flake off like chaff in the wind from wheat. Sloughed. Shedded.

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        1. Thank you. I actually released my ImaginAction 110-page ebook on my blog last night. It’s free to download, and I only suggests tips for value. Maybe you check it out. It may add some more good stuff to that post you are starting to cook up.

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    3. I think I support the main ideas of your post, and the encouraging tone absolutely. However terms like “winner” make me nervous at best.
      I subscribe to the idea that I can do more if I am willing to attempt, and I am a normal person. I don’t expect to win a marathon but I have run 10K races and that made me happy. I haven’t swam the English Channel but I learned to swim 1 kilometre non stop.

      I hope you will read The Reward Is Within – by Bill Clennan.

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      1. “I can do more if I am willing to attempt, and I am a normal person. I don’t expect to win a marathon but I have run 10K races and that made me happy”
        I love the above words.
        You’re not alone. The word “winner” makes a lot of people nervous. But it is simply a word, that must be use.
        Indeed, the reward is within.
        I absolutely love your thoughts. 🙂❤
        Thank you. 🙏


    4. I believe we all possess a special talent(s) that some don’t realize until they hit certain points or circumstances in their lives. These talents can then be crafted to help us win but it’s def about the mindset on whether you believe you can. We are all winners but we have to put in the work! Great post 😊

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    5. This is spooky, how much you sound like me. Or even better. I almost feel like somebody else did something instead of me for a change and it feels great, it’s a nice feeling if you’re on your own a lot. Well, I don’t know how this goes on your side.
      Anyway, thanks for this, I enjoyed the content and my thoughts about the winners are exactly the same, I have nothing to add about this. Have a nice day in there, Mary 🙂

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      1. Aww….shuckssss 😊
        Such beautiful words. Your thoughts brought a big smile on my face. 🙂
        Actually, I love spending a lot of time with myself. I absolutely love my ME TIME. It’s so refreshing.
        I’m glad you enjoyed the post.
        Thank you so much for your beautiful and heart-warming thoughts, Maja.
        Have a nice day in there too. 🙂❤

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    6. LOVE THIS. As a novelist, I have walked through the frustration of gatekeepers closing their doors again and again and again. I’ve saved each rejection letter I’ve ever received. It feels that much more satisfying once each work finally is published, knowing that I got up again each time someone said “no” and didn’t let them have the final word. So often we interpret doors that others close as the final answer– when all we have to do is try another door or learn to pick a lock. 🙂

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      1. Wow!
        Your words touched my heart, Shiloh.
        I completely agree with you.
        We shouldn’t give up so quickly. We have to try every available means.
        Thank you so much for sharing your experience and thoughts. 🙂❤

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    7. “Don’t use obstacles as excuses, rather, use them as challenges.”

      So true, because failing doesn’t mean it’s over, you just have to get up stronger.

      Your posts are really inspiring, I thank goodness that I found your blog💃

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