The Magical Garden: Dream or Reality?

Paradise lures from afar.

I discovered a garden, where the lilies and chrysanthemums flutter. A place where I can quench the thirst of my soul, and rest from the noonday sun. I am safely cocooned in this wonderful dwelling.

Fairies roam this garden, whispering secrets into my ear; unlocking great truths. Fountains water the garden, while birds of bright colours sing sonnets from tree branches.

Flowers as beautiful as the draperies in a palace, rest on my neck like jewels.

Whenever I find myself in this magical world, I feel the sky is my springboard, and soon I will dine with the angels.

In this garden, my essence fills my body, and the chirping birds and insects excites me, as a mare excites the stallions of a king’s chariots.

I realised there is no greater lesson than being human; a state where all your flaws are exposed. So, I have decided to make this garden my abode. Here, I feel flawless.

My thoughts are cradled by the streams of flowing water. How the honeycombs and wild flowers delight me, and my strength is restored.

In this world, I don’t need to hide in the crevice of a wall. For this is where my soul is free.

Note: When you live in an imaginary world, it becomes quite difficult to tell what is real, and what’s not.

Slowly, reality creeps in. I realised it is time to leave this fantasy world, and face the real world.

Would you rather spend your life, awake, facing challenges, than being asleep in the safety of a dream?

The choice is yours.

39 Replies to “The Magical Garden: Dream or Reality?”

  1. Wow! This is very similar to a poem I had written, named ‘A Daydream’s Fancies’. In fact, two lines were the same: ‘Paradise lures from afar’ and ‘for this is where my soul is free’. Fancy that! It seems we’re thinking along the same lines!❤️

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  2. Beautifully written my friend. Lovely imagery. I like your garden. While growing up I lived in a fantasy world which probably kept me alive. Sometimes our worlds we create when the one we live in is too horrible to imagine, our fantasies can be such a blessing. Stay safe and blessed. Love 💕 Joni

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  3. It is a real garden, the fairies say rhymes of very dangerous and sacred poems only sometimes, my reality is also that garden, my reality is not the challenges, my reality is also to give water and not only to plants from my garden, as you tell me…

    Really wish good morning, good work and real Meritocracy Always, Everywhere, However, Because we Believe instant after day after year! 💙 … 💖

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