A reminder about Happiness

Most people have this twisted idea that they don’t deserve or are not worthy of happiness. They may have guilt about their past, and feel they should be punished severely.

If you don’t feel you are worthy of happiness, then it is time for a change of perspective. Give yourself an opportunity to find your happy place.

I know it is really hard to keep a happy countenance in times of trials, but we have to try our best to stay happy.

What are you holding onto that is making you unhappy?

Sometimes, we consciously choose to be unhappy. This might be as a result of our past. I think you need to take a hard look at your life, in order to find out why you are unable to put a smile on that face. A real smile of course, not a mask.

Happiness is not determined by what’s happening around you. But rather, it is determined by what’s happening inside you.

Most times, we depend on “things” to gain happiness. We look at our condition, and then allow it to determine our happiness. That isn’t how life is supposed to be lived.

When you stop chasing the wrong things, you give the “right things” a chance to catch you.

So many uncertainties consume our daily thoughts. The longer you keep living with those fears, the longer you are going to stay miserable.

We all deserve to be happy, because we are human. We are going to make many mistakes along the way. The fact that we have the courage to push through, shows we deserve to be happy.

Happiness is something we are born with. It is an innate emotion. You don’t have to earn it.

Besides, being sad almost on a daily basis, is like living a slow, painful death.

The fact that we experience happiness, make us feel that there’s still hope for everything.

We deserve to be happy amidst the unfortunate events that we have been through.

Yes, there is nothing wrong in expressing different emotions, but do not get tied down to the negative ones. Besides, who would benefit if you were to remain unhappy?

We can lose an eye, a leg, etc. But that doesn’t mean we have lost the right to be happy, because true happiness cost nothing.

56 Replies to “A reminder about Happiness”

  1. Marion Milner wrote “A Life of One’s Own” and decided, after an intense amount of introspection, that happiness rises when we turn our attention towards being happy. We generate it or not. I love that.
    Thanks for this post.

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  2. C. S. Lewis said that no one has a right to happiness. Our Declaration only says that we have a right to pursue it. Whether we attain it is not something that falls under the perplexing language of “rights.” If someone else guarantees my right to be happy, what am I?

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  3. I promised happiness for which i am unhappy, it is normal and in means a realize my promises in reality but in cases of body handicap, i feel very sorry and i do my best (without money because i am without work and without income but i’m not a surgeon) to also really heal in reality body wounds, really wish good evening, good work and real Meritocracy Always, Everywhere, However, Because we Believe istant after day after year! 💙 … ❤

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    1. Your comment is so touching, Federico.
      You are right. It is not always easy.
      And we are allowed to feel sad sometimes. But we shouldn’t let it tie us down.
      I always say this. It is not always easy to stay happy, in the midst of challenges. But we have to try as much as possible to do what makes us come alive.
      Stay blessed, Federico. ❤

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  4. I came from an abusive and critical background so I had internalized all the lies I was told either to my face or from how I was treated. I wondered if I could ever be happy because I had come to believe that I didn’t deserve anything good! If something good happened I’d be looking over my shoulder to see what would come along to snatch it away.

    I realized then that those were symptoms of the damage which had been done to my spirit so I set out to heal. Along the way I discovered that I had taught myself to be happy, and it was repeatable when life got me down it knew how to return to it!

    I wrote down my lessons and the book “Developing Happiness When You Can’t Find It “ was created. Once this worldwide situation settles down, I want to find a literary agent or publisher to work with to bring this to people’s lives!!

    In the meantime I’ll do what you’re doing and share positive and uplifting messages!!

    Keep sharing positive!

    Peace, Tamara

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    1. Your story is so touching, Tamara.
      It’s good to know you have discovered your happy place, and learning to master it.
      One of the worst feeling, is when we think we don’t deserve happiness, as a result of the past.
      Just like you wrote, keep sharing uplifting messages also.

      Peace to you too.
      Stay blessed. ❤

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      1. I’ll keep people posted through my blog what happens!! I’d be honored for you to read it! Blessings to you and yours! I’d love to read yours too!!

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  5. Thank you for this reminder especially the bit about “When you stop chasing the wrong things, you give the “right things” a chance to catch you.” I’ve stopped changing long term supportive yet later toxic/ untrustworthy friendships and am now connecting with like minded new friends with an equal balance of connection and personal space. 😊 Happiness doesn’t mean holding onto to friendships that are not the same no matter the length of them.

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    1. We make mistakes a lot when it comes to our relationships, and friendship is not excluded. Having a bunch of nonchalant and backstabbing friends can be quite saddening.
      It’s good to know you have let go of those toxic relationships, and building something new.
      Thanks for sharing your thoughts, Hina. 🙂

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  6. That’s a very powerful message, that happiness is something we don’t have to “earn.” That probably is at the root of many people’s unhappiness, the idea that they have to measure up to some idea imposed from outside before they can allow themselves this basic emotional state.

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  7. Is it perception of not inspecting expectations and not getting what we want that makes us unhappy, or true and full bad-ass wrong situations? Either way, is perception the issue? Isn’t it out responsibility to have what we want, and if not, to adjust to have what we want?

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    1. “Isn’t it out responsibility to have what we want, and if not, to adjust to have what we want?”
      I agree with the above words.
      It is completely up to us to be happy. And we need to learn to accept the things we can not control.

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      1. Yes, definitely, and as well I don’t believe in control. I don’t feel anyone can control anything. It’s all Nature. One can be in control of themselves, guide themselves, navigate, drive life, take aim and build momentum with or to something, though I feel it’s all about experience, and what we make of it.

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