The Millennial Generation and Life Problems

The Millennial Generation- Those born between 1981 and 1996 (ages 23 to 38 in 2019).

The millennial generation is one of the most criticized generation. But I think they need more than just rebukes and criticisms. They need guidance.

The millennial generation, in the midst of all the bashing, is still striving to make meaning out of their lives. They are struggling to stay out of difficulty, most especially financial problems.

The Millennials

The millennials differs from the other generation, in the sense that they are the most educated and heterogeneous generation to date.

About sixty-one percent of adult from the millennial generation went to college. Whereas only forty-six percent of the Baby Boomers attended college.

Millennial Problems


The millennial generation constitute a large number of a nation’s unemployed. This is because the supply of educated workers is much higher than the demand for them in the workforce. Often, the job they find themselves in, isn’t related to their field of study.

Unemployment is so high for the millennials, and this is a big problem to them.


Millennials show a high level of depression, anxiety and stress, than any other generation at the same age.

The millennial generation is greatly affected by mental health issues, compared to about 16 percent of Gen X’ers and Baby Boomers.

Millennials can’t seem to make sense of their plight, be it failed relationships, mental illness, cultural and societal shifts, poor physical health or dead-end jobs.

Social Behaviour

People consider millennials to be too trivial. It is believed the millennial generation is made up of a bunch of lazy, celebrity-obsessed people.


They believe being a millennial is synonymous with “the internet” and might as well be called “The Wi-Fi Generation.”

For the millennials, the struggles are real. They have to deal with eating disorder, body-image/lack of self-confidence, alcohol and drug abuse, finding love, etc.

How can the millennial life problems be solved? Is it possible to fix an entire generation?

A lot of the things the younger generation is dealing with on a daily basis, is also being experienced by the older generation. Be it finding a love partner through online dating, or suffering from insecurity, these problems apply to everyone. But they apply more to the millennials.

I think the millennial generation need to know that there are people out there, who care about them enough, to get involved, and help them become the very best.

31 Replies to “The Millennial Generation and Life Problems”

  1. One strange thing about the unemployment rates for millenials is the tendency for boomers to retire later and when they do, their jobs go with them. It’s a bleak future for us millennials, jobs are disappearing! Kinda lame that the jobs left require X years of experience, but we cannot get that experience. It’s a paradox of sorts.

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  2. I loved this post tho’ I’m not sure I agree with all. I think every generation has its own sets of challenges and the many issues you’ve mentioned here also occurred with other generations.

    I think things have definitely changed over the years, particularly with the advent of technology, wifi etc; whereby information and statistics are more readily available. People have become more aware and perhaps more open. Years ago, in my parent’s generation, they wouldn’t talk of anxiety, stress, domestic violence or sexuality – it all still went on, it just wasn’t talked about.

    Just my thoughts 😉

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    1. I’m aware these problems apply to everyone. This was clearly stated in the post. But I think it applies more to the millennials.
      Although you’re right about the impact of technology, and the silent things most parents experienced in the past.
      Thank you so much for sharing your great thoughts.
      Much appreciation. 🙏❤

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  3. Yep.. you did an amazing work on this blog.. great none I must say! And yeah… This gen people do face a lot more difficulties than others. About taking major decisions in life, a hell lot of a confusion and all!!! But they still manage to do their best!
    Good article!

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  4. It’s a long time between 1981 to 1996. I am at the start of the millennial generation and my brother is right at the end. We had very different experiences as children and now as adults. It would be interesting to see how the stats differ within the generation.

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