Five minutes ideas- Some things you could do in just 5 minutes

We all get the same amount of time each day. But you can make more of the time you have.Five minutes is more than enough to get a small task done. And small tasks add up to big productivity.Here is a list of some things you could do in just 5 minutes:

Make a phone call

Tell someone “I miss you”

Read the comic section of the newspaper

Reading the comic section of the newspaper can help brighten your mood. Laughter can be a very good medicine.

Show love

Remind someone of how much you appreciate and cherish them. You can do this through a text message or by sending an email to the person.

    Write in your diary

    It doesn’t have to be long. A few notes here and there add up quickly.

    Visit a blog post

    Have a glimpse through an old blog post. You can decide to update the post.

    Lend a helping hand

    Do a favour for someone. Not necessarily for someone you know. It could be to a stranger.


      This will help you to handle stressful situations with a great deal of calmness. Spend some quiet, quick moment with yourself.

      Listen to an inspiring song

      Listen to a song that can move you; something motivational on your phone or iPad.

      Eat something green

      A grab of something healthy wouldn’t do any harm.

      Check your to-do list

      Do a quick check to make sure that you have been spending your time on what’s most important on your to-do list.

      Water the plants

      You can decide to water a little part of your garden in a matter of five minutes. There is this joy which comes from being at one with nature.


      Put on some music, dance around, have fun.

      Have a cup of tea

      Make some tea.

      Clear up your workspace

      Tidy up your work area. Make sure all stationery are kept in their right places.


        Take a quick walk around the block. This could relieve you of stress/strain.

        42 Replies to “Five minutes ideas- Some things you could do in just 5 minutes”

        1. Love this post! It’s a great reminder that our days really are small blocks of time all strung together to make for 24 hours. What we do with even those 5 minute blocks can make a huge difference in our lives or someone else’s!

          Your tips are some of my favorites. Going for a quick walk, working with plants, taking some time to just breathe in and relax, be kind/show love — perfect ways to spend our time!

          Thank you for sharing an uplifting message. We need your voice and more messages like these! β™₯ Stay safe, stay well.

          Liked by 1 person

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