How often do you listen to your inner voice?

There is a voice inside of you that whispers all day long…

The inner voice suggest something very personal, that is familiar to everyone of us. It is something more refine, unlike the unimportant talk we experience almost on a daily basis.

The ability to understand something immediately, without the need for conscious reasoning, can be used to describe the term “inner voice.”

There is no one best way to fully experience your inner voice. The most significant thing, is to identify it, when you feel it.

Beyond all the turbulence and turmoil of life, we each have within our soul, a very quiet, closely acquainted place – a tender voice; so mild. Unknown to most individuals, this personal and private part of them, has been contaminated by life activities and experiences.

The inner voice is a place where you can take solace. It is the most innocent place within your soul. It represent your moral values.

Our deepest and most powerful experiences happen in silence. Every time you experience a moment of truth, you are probably hearing the inner voice.


The inner voice is synonymous to an extraordinary power, that must be listened to, because it helps to guide us.

Whenever the inner voice rings its warning bell, we must stop immediately whatever it is that we are planning, and listen to its message.

Do we always listen to our inner voice?

You often hear people say:

Trust your instincts.

Follow your intuition.

If only it were that easy.

With all the social forces and outer distractions shrinking our inner voice. Including the internal battle that goes on in our head.

We know our inner voice when we hear it speaking to us. Sometimes, we pretend not to hear this voice.

We often hear many voices within, dragging us in different directions. The voices of friends, spouses, parents, mentors, etc. These voices often drown out our inner voice.

How can you escape the noise to find your inner voice?

Through silence and solitude. It is necessary to meditate. This helps to calm the nerves, and put us in a relaxed mood. You don’t have to be in a hurry.

Can the inner voice ever go wrong?

We must pause, ponder over the rewards and consequences of our actions, and stop making up stories to justify our rebellion to the commands of the inner voice.

Why don’t we listen to our inner voice?

If this inner voice is so reliable, why then do we fail to listen, and make snap decisions and judgements instead?

Often, we oppose our inner voice with logic. Other times, our desire may get in the way. The message(s) we may receive from it, might make us feel uncomfortable. Therefore, we consider it unacceptable.

We push our intuition aside also, because others believe it can not be justified. Most people think the inner voice is not valid, because it can not be explained.

The truth is, the inner voice is more than simply living a heart-based life. The inner voice is peace.

Beyond the complexities of life, is a still, soothing voice. Listen to it when it speaks. This will enable you to live a more fulfilled life.

What if you don’t hear any voice?

Your inner voice is like an aura, and might not be a voice. When you are able to adjust to it, you can make better choices, and also solve problems with less difficulty.

Are you struggling with listening to your inner voice?

  • Stay calm (Relax)
  • Be patient (Don’t be in a rush)
  • Pay attention

Most times, we know what we need to do. Regardless of how you are wired, I believe it is possible to listen to that small voice.

44 Replies to “How often do you listen to your inner voice?”

      1. Yeah, I think it’s something about… erm… you know, that’s an interesting observation. Maybe I should listen to it rather than tellin it to be quiet. Hmm. No more silent meditation for me just now. I need to listen instead.

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      2. Yeah. I think you should listen to what it is saying.
        Whenever we are trying to resist the inner voice, then it becomes louder. But as soon as we obey it, we will be able to experience some amount of peace within us.
        Good luck. 🙂


  1. Great post.
    My training took me to a place where, for me, an inner voice is one of genuine self or the Conditioned personality. The first speaks from genuine presence, the second speaks from ego. My attention is to attend to the first and attenuate the second. Ego provides nothing but stories and constant judgement, opinion, and conclusion. Genuine self is concerned about what’s in front of me.

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  2. Inner voice 🙄…. OMG!! Chatter box… It never keeps quiet even for a second. Such a noisy one, it keeps on speaking even when i sleep 😩…. But it is the best companion for one🥰. It’ll never let us feel isolated…. Good post my friend 👍🏻

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  3. A very good reminder! It is often hard to sort out the true inner voice from the internalized chatter our busy lives fill our heads with. I’m trying to do as you say, taking moments to really stop and listen. I find the more I listen, the easier it is to hear.

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