When we die, the time stops

Before the hills were made, and the world brought into being, it was decided that man must die.

Life is like a short hour of the night, and we are soon to return to what we were.

We are carried away like a flood, and last no longer than a dream.

We are like weeds that sprout in the morning, grow and burst into bloom, then dry up and die in the evening.

With lives fading away like a whisper, seventy years is all we have, eighty years, if we are strong. Yet all they bring us is trouble. Life is soon over, and we are gone.

Why should meaning be found in one’s life after an encounter with death? Why cross paths with the possibility of mere existence?

Who can give us all the answers to our questions?

Who can teach us how to be happy, because life is so short, and we don’t want to waste any more years feeling unhappy? Who can teach us how to be happy, to the point where we forget all we have been through?

Who can give us as much happiness as the sadness we experienced, during our years of misery, so that we can at least see a little fairness in life? Who can give us now, because when we die, the time stops?

Note: This post was written, to simply remind us that life is short, and we should try as much as possible to be happy. Don’t let the challenges of life get the better of you. It is up to you to be happy. You have the answers.

44 Replies to “When we die, the time stops”

  1. You can…

    You know what makes you happy… try to do that or aim for that…

    Only you can answer life questions you have for yourself… what is happiness for you? What would you like from life?

    No one can give you happiness instead of the pain or misery we all experience … you have to give yourself happiness, or try to find that in yourself.

    Once you know and love yourself, know your own peace, know your own happiness… it will be better

    Don’t depend on other people to make you happy or show you happiness … if you expect you can also be let down…

    Life will throw punches – you have to be strong enough to get through them for yourself.

    And lastly… we may only be here for a moment in time… but is how you use that time in this life. How do you want to be remembered or loved? What do you want for your life? How do you want to live?

    Since we are here and we only get one life… why not do what you find makes you happy or gives you peace? Depend on yourself to find yourself.

    I had to learn these lessons myself too. Depending on myself for myself helps a lot… and I also try to find where my happiness is… life can be incredible though!

    I would like to be remembered for how good I was to others and how I always made them feel. I want to be thought of and then still feel my warmth even after I’m gone ✌️

    Hope you ok.

    And btw … I encountered death … breast cancer survivor … that only made me cherish the life I have left even more. Once it’s gone, it’s gone that’s it – game over … I got an extra life, so I’m lucky enough to continue my game ❤️

    When you play a video game you enjoy, do you just give up when you die? Or do you take that extra life? I want to keep playing ✌️

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      1. Thank you very much, I am honored… I’ve just been through those battles so I know you have to be strong within and know your own happiness

        I have been let down by some and I have lost some to death who gave me happiness …

        And I went through almost losing my own life…

        So it’s kind like – what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger?

        I understand now – that if I want certain things in my life – I have to aim for that. Work towards what I want for myself… and I don’t want to take life for granted…

        The way I referred to it in video game context is pretty spot on… I want to see how far I can get while I have that chance – can I make it to the boss? Lol

        If I provide happiness and whatever else I want for myself… than anything else that comes into my life will be a want and NOT a need.

        It gives you strength within yourself to be whatever and whoever you decide.

        And again life is going to always throw punches – can you be strong enough to make it through?

        I want to be strong enough so that no punch can ever knock me off my feet again!

        I still learn lessons lol… life is always learning… but I am happier and I am learning how to be really strong within myself

        I love life and try not to take for granted.

        I’m am very honored you think my words are beautiful and gave thought ❤️ – thank you for saying that

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  2. Every day is a blessing but death for me will be a blessing also as I will be in such a wonderful place words can not describe it. I am a walking miracle. I enjoy your ramblings but think of all the blessings we have. Love, blessings and peace be with you. Joni 😘😘

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  3. Non mi domando mai perchè devo nascere per morire. Vivo questa bella parentesi sulla terra co forza e gioia nel cuore. Quando sarà ora di morire forse saprò i perchè.
    La morte mi ha sfiorata per ben tre volte, ma non mi ha rapito. Non so perchè, non me lo chiedo, vivo, perchè vivere è bello.

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  4. Whatever we want to know, we have the answers. When we die.then time never stop because of its nature.it will be go on continuasly,may be the situation are in terrible or enchanted mood.🌷life is like this rose for blooming and withering.bless you,my dear!!🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹

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  5. Life is short, but the challenges we face are huge than that. By the time we get all set, half of our life gets over. No matter how big is the challenge… accept it with the great smile on your face and move on. One day you’ll feel proud of yourself the way you blossomed inbetween all those cranky rocks. Stay blessed and happy always♥️

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  6. I absolutely love the way you wrote this. It reminded me of the psalms in the Bible. Some times questions are so much rhetorical but set there for teaching and guiding people’s thoughts to think. This is what I felt you were doing. It was refreshing to read.

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    1. That was exactly the aim. For us to think through questions. Just like you pointed out, I actually wrote it in a rhetorical form
      I’m more than impressed with your comment.
      Thank you for sharing your wonderful thoughts. 🙏🙂❤


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