Trust gets you killed, Love gets you hurt

The painful thing about betrayal, is that it never comes from your enemies. No matter how good you are to people, you can never control their LOYALTY.

Nothing hurts more, than being disappointed by the person you thought would never hurt you.

Betrayal is something that darkens the soul, creates pain, anger and bitterness. To some, it is worst than death, and increases the number of men and women suffering just to find true love.

When someone betrays you, it is a reflection of who they really are. Regarding heartbreak in love relationships, it is never easy to let go.

But you have to learn to FORGIVE. In other words, even if you can’t forget about it, don’t let the pain and anger consume you. Let the pain be left out. Sometimes, a good heart doesn’t see the bad. Be strong enough to let go, but not dumb enough to trust that person again.

The moral of this post is FORGIVENESS.


50 Replies to “Trust gets you killed, Love gets you hurt”

  1. I agree. Betrayal by a loved one is the deepest kind of hurt, it’s good to forgive but essential to protect yourself. People tend to make the same mistakes but they can’t if you don’t let them repeat the betrayal over and over.

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  2. It’s not an easy thing to remember when the pain is new and strong, but ultimately finding a way out of that pain rather than clinging to it is better for everyone. Thank you for reminding us about the importance of forgiveness.

    I nominated you for a Sunshine Blogger Award. I’m not sure if you do awards or not, but I wanted to express my appreciation for your optimistic yet not sugar-coated posts.

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    1. OMG!
      Thank you for your amazing words.
      I totally agree with you. It is not an easy thing to forgive, when the wound is still fresh. It takes time.
      Finding a way out is definitely good for us.
      Thank you so much for the nomination, and your candid feedback regarding my blog posts. It means a lot.🙏❤

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    1. Honestly, I don’t think it will be a good idea. The relationship can never be the same again. Doubts about the person’s loyalty will definitely creep in, and this might stir up another trouble. The memories will always be there.
      Like someone clearly stated “We should forgive, but it is also essential to protect ourselves.”

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  3. Bonjour mon ami amie

    En ce jour et ces jours de printemps je viens te saluer
    C’est le plus beau jour ou tout renaît
    Les arbres vont fleurir , la nature vas prendre de la splendeur

    Dommage il faudra attendre pour en profiter

    Aujourd’hui le plus gros handicap la peur
    Mais pensons que
    La plus belle chose et l’amour
    Je te souhaite une belle fin de journée ou de nuit ainsi
    Qu’un agréable weekend
    Bisou Amical Bernard
    Que le réconfort de ses amis amies et
    Sur cet air de printemps

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  4. No matter what it is that I’ve gone through, once I take it to the Lord, He shows me how He has gone through it first. As for betrayal, Jesus felt the sting when Judas gave Him that fatal kiss, fulfilling Psalm 41:9. Somehow knowing that He knows just how I feel reassures me that He will get me through it.

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  5. Very wise words Freethinker. One must forgive the betrayer in order to move on to the healing process. The relationship will never be the same because not only was the person betrayed but so was the trust. A person must protect themselves because there will always be a gentle whisper in the back of one’s mind of hurt.

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  6. I love this post. I preach forgiveness all the time, but I don’t think a lot of people understand what forgiveness is. It is not forgetting what the person did or even allowing the person a place in the injured’s life. It is forgiving a person’s faults, letting go of hurt and anger and moving forward with life. The number of people living in pain because they are holding on to old shit is more than anyone realizes.

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