The little secret to happiness

Happiness is not only the absence of unhappiness. It is also an affirmation that you’re in a good state of mind.

The quality of your mind, determines the quality of your life. Whatever goes on in your mind can make you either happy or miserable.


Happiness is not always being necessarily happy. It is rather, the presence of a greater sense of joy in life itself, irrespective of your condition; be it good or bad.

In spite of your trials, it is good to put on an attitude of gratitude, joy and acceptance, to your everyday life.

Don’t let bad experiences keep you from being happy. Some physically challenged people, in spite of their condition, do live happily. This is because they have learned to get their mind out of the way. It is necessary to do this, because the mind is always trying to create this illusion, of what true life is.

The truth is, the moment you start acting like life is a blessing, it starts feeling like one.


20 Replies to “The little secret to happiness”

    1. SHRUTI, you are absolutely right! My dad would tell me growing up, “mind over matter,” when I was struggling with circumstances beyond my control or emotions getting the better of me. I learned over the years as you said it comes down to choice for sure, because life is short here and we have eternity ahead of us; so for now we can decide to be optimistic or defeatist in our thinking, viewing the “glass as either half full or half empty.” The “choice” again is entirely up to the individual.
      Thanks for what you said here, your wisdom reminded me of my father!
      God Bless!

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  1. “The truth is, The moment you start acting like life is a BLESSING, it starts feeling like one.” Now that’s the whole truth and nothing but the truth! I love this and must say very well done; this article and entire Blog Site of yours!
    God Bless!

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      1. Oh sure, I’m happy to hear it meant something to you; and you have a wonderful Blog writing very well, so its a pleasure actually to know you! See you again soon and you take care!
        God bless. 🙏

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      2. It is people like you that make the world such a wonderful place to keep living in. Your words are so encouraging and heart-warming. Thank you so much, Lawrence. God bless, also. 🙏

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      3. 🙏 Well thank you and I’m honored to hear such kind appreciation! I only decided to do any writing online just a couple of years ago because I wasn’t interest in media platforms and had a stubborn maybe too old fashioned mind-set for today’s digital savvy world so I gave into this idea partially, and it is someone like you that leads me to believe that not only God inspired me to try this but that someone like you would continue to encourage my attempt at sharing faith and any insight I’ve gained in life with others to make perhaps some little difference, spreading some good in the world as I serve God. I’m very thankful you were honest and considerate enough to share this sentiment of yours allowing me to gain an acknowledgement that I’m on the right path. Always willing to listen to your ideas!
        Take care.
        God Bless You and Yours.🙏

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      4. You’re simply amazing, Lawrence.
        I’m glad you got on this platform.
        Keep on sharing your faith and knowledge. It is needed. 🙏

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      5. Awww SHRUTI, bless your heart, you are a motivator for sure! This is a tall order to fill but you make me want to try hard to at least follow this inspiration and God’s will wherever it goes because I know ultimately the destination is righteous if it serves God’s purpose and will. I’m a humble servant but you give me more courage and help lift my spirits to new heights to soar where eagles fly and that’s a place I’ve never been. I admit it feels good in my heart to think I may be onto something for God’s plan to save! Because I know like you and so many others with faith that this life is far too short so time is of the essence to accomplish the greatest task at hand which is to make sure all those souls that can continue on from this life to God’s glorious eternal kingdom will. Just like I feel and appreciate the spark of inspiration you ignite in me; God sees that bit of good or even greatness in us worth saving, so the fullest opportunity is given. Keep your strong and faithful heart attuned to God and goodness will follow you all your years! Thank You my Friend and Fine Lady.
        I’m so humbled by your receptiveness and honest, beautiful kindness; you’re a pure heart and God bless you now and forever. Amen.
        Your Friend,

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