Create the life you want to live

Life is about building yourself. Don’t change your thoughts, actions, so that others will like you. People don’t have to like you, it is your life, your decisions.


You don’t have to let the shallow words of people limit you, or force you into doing what you’re against. Always remember, it’s not worth it if you are not HAPPY.


Create a life that feels good on the INSIDE, not one that just looks good on the OUTSIDE. Happiness is a purpose, and once you start living a purposeful life, you can confidently say to yourself, “This chapter feels really good.”

If no one seem to be clapping for you, for creating such a beautiful and amazing life for yourself, you mustn’t fail to clap for yourself. You should always be your biggest FAN/HERO.


You have to believe in your dreams, more than anyone else. Most people judge/evaluate you, according to THEIR ability, not YOURS. During those times, HEAR what they say, but don’t LISTEN. Stay glued to your dreams.


Life doesn’t require that we be the best, only that we try our best, for it is when we try our best, that we actually become the BEST.

You have MAGIC in you, and with that, you can be anything you want to be.

So, are you creating the life you want to live? Are you conscious of what you’re creating? Are you satisfied with what you have created?

30 Replies to “Create the life you want to live”

  1. We are are own best friend, in what we think we can or cannot do, what we hate and love about ourselves, what restrictions and freedom we can within and sometimes also on the outside, all relies on that friendship, so it’s The most important one.

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  2. Yes, we are our own fans and no one should be able to steal our happiness from us.We our what we make ourselves. I am very motivated after reading this.😎 (PS: I am on my way to send my selfie to NASA.)

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