They say, in this world, it is either you adapt or die

Each time you look at yourself deeply in the mirror, you probably might ask yourself, what are the things that keep you going. You can’t find a reason that motivate you to keep on living.

What other feeling could be worse than that?

No matter what they do or say to make your spirit soar, you just want to die. If the mind is giving you a thousand reason why you should die, you must look for ten thousand reasons why you should live.

Life can be exhausting sometimes, but you must find the courage/strength to keep on going.
One thing you should understand is, no one is exempt from the trials of life.

I know some of you don’t have the energy to do a bit more, to live. But you have to stay strong during those times. You must survive a little longer  each day.

Sounds painful, right?

You might have been stuck between life and death for a long time. I know euthanasia(assisted suicide)has popped into your mind several times, because you don’t have the courage to do it yourself. But the question is:

Is it really the only way out?

Your loved ones are trying so hard to help you, but all you really want is help with dying, not living. Whatever challenges you’re going through, believe me, it is possible to recover from it. Time is usually the answer. It takes longer for some than others.

Your life doesn’t have to be the sum of your problems. Don’t let your fears, insecurities and worries take total control over you.

Whenever you’re told “adapt or die” during your trying moment, you should have this in mind:

Even the darkest night will end, the sun will rise, YOU WILL SHINE.”   

     Always remember that!

12 Replies to “They say, in this world, it is either you adapt or die”

    1. Wow!
      Don’t be too hard on yourself. Whatever you’re going through, there are people out there who are having it way worse than you, but they’re still pushing through. Life doesn’t get easier, you get stronger. Besides, think of the pain you will inflict on your loved ones, if you do anything crazy to yourself. Believe me, it is very much possible to survive, as long as you believe you can, and will. It’s not easy, but it is possible. Stay strong.


  1. Powerful post. Rings true to the Hero’s Quest.

    Life is the stage, it is never a dress rehearsal. Take hold of it, and it will reward you. You can never control the outside environment, but you can control the way you perceive and grow from those things that have right or wronged your sense of wellbeing.

    Powerful post. I look forward to reading more of your work.

    Liked by 1 person

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